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Executive Director Job Description

Description of Duties

General: Provides overall leadership, direction and administration of the program and services offered by the Elizabethtown Heritage Council (EHC). The executive director shall act as a duly authorized representative of the board in all matters. Serves as the Heritage Council liaison to the community, government officials, other organizations, and corporate sponsors. Presents monthly updates to the City Council when other representatives are unavailable.

The Board: Insures and coordinates that all proper information is provided during monthly meetings (i.e. agenda, minutes, financials). Provides a director’s report about the organization operations. Seeks and provides advice to the board as needed. Stays abreast of downtown development needs and shifts, recommends and implements modifications to meet those changing needs. Carries out directives of the board and communicates appropriate board information to the public, including the media outlets. Acknowledges that the chairperson is their direct supervisor and communicates with them accordingly. Develops and monitors annual operation/strategic plans. Develops public/private partnerships with public officials, retailers, real estate professionals and community groups. Analyzes community resources to formulate annual operation/strategic plans.

Business Development & Marketing: Network with downtown business/property owners to better understand their needs. Maintain an up-to-date list of available properties, historical buildings and active businesses in the historic downtown area. Advocate improvements and restoration of downtown buildings, structures, and public areas. Coordinate city involvement when necessary. Provide information for tax credit programs and other economic incentives for historic rehabilitation. Structure economic opportunities through the reuse of existing buildings in the program area to attract new business and develop viable marketplace enterprises.

Plan and manage current EHC events to include but not limited to monthly Second Saturday, 17 week summer Historic Downtown Walking Tour and BBQ, Blues & Bikes Festival. Create and manage budget for events. Create and manage a marketing/advertising budget to promote downtown events, downtown merchants, and historic downtown in general. Recruit and coordinate volunteers to accomplish activities/events. Manage media including websites, social media, etc.

Financial: Monitors, manages, and evaluates the fiscal performance of the EHC to assure quality service within budgeted expenditures. Develops the annual operating budget in conjunction with the board treasurer as well as monitors the receipts and expenditures with the board. Seeks outside sources for grant opportunities. Represents EHC in business negotiations; enters into business agreements/contracts on behalf of the program with the Chairperson, who officially signs all agreements/contracts.

Employees: Supervises and manages the administrative assistant with specific job duties related to the management of the day-to-day office duties, marketing materials, etc. Conduct regular and timely performance reviews.


Must be extremely organized and efficient. Must be capable of adapting to flexible hours during special projects and events. Must possess basic computer skills, including processing with Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Experience with website design and social media management and maintenance is preferable. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. Must project the positive and professional image of the Heritage Council though speaking and writing skills in all required correspondence, including e-newsletters. Additionally must possess the ability to use tact and courtesy when interacting with the general public, government officials, community organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Annual Salary: $30,000 to $45,000 depending on experience.

Reports to the Chairperson of Heritage Council and executive committee.

Apply by e-mail to